Celebrating 15 years of FRP reliability innovation

May 8, 2023
Jo Anne Watton and Geoff Clarkson.

“How do we create the fitness-for-service curve for FRP composites like we have for steel?” 

Geoff Clarkson first asked that question in 2000, after finding a consistent gap in reliability support for end users of fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) equipment.

He was working as an engineering consultant for industrial clients worldwide, and equipment owners wanted the same kind of objective, scientifically valid, non-destructive testing (NDT) method to inspect FRP composite equipment that they had for metallic assets.

A fitness-for-service (FFS) curve is an engineering concept. It’s used to calculate the structural integrity of in-service equipment based on a set of assumptions. 

Could the concept be applied to FRP reliability? The naysayers said no. Geoff went to work. 

His journey of learning and discovery to calculate the FFS curve led to his founding of UTComp and invention of UltraAnalytix®, the world’s first proven NDT method for FRP materials. 

UltraAnalytix’s AI-powered algorithm analyzes ultrasound readings collected from the exterior of an asset to accurately evaluate FFS and calculate remaining service life.

Since UTComp’s first commercial inspection job in 2008, we’ve conducted many thousands of UltraAnalytix inspections. We’ve saved our clients millions of dollars in asset replacement costs by safely extending asset service life. Last year, we established an ASNT-compliant certification program for inspectors.

“FRP equipment now can be inspected and evaluated with a similar level of qualification and certification as for metallic equipment,” says Geoff, now UTComp’s Chief Technical Officer. “I am so proud of our team and look forward to continued innovation in the years to come.”

“We are forever thankful for the dedication of our customers, staff, licensees, suppliers and community for allowing us to do this work,” says Jo Anne Watton, UTComp’s CEO.  “As we move into the next stage of our history, we see a great deal of opportunity, growth and expansion of UTComp and UltraAnalytix.  Exciting things are ahead.”

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