The data you need for FRP composite asset management excellence.

Non-destructive testing for reliability and proactive service-life forecasting

UTComp’s patented UltraAnalytix® NDT system ensures the safe performance and maximum lifespan of fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) and other composite industrial assets, saving clients millions of dollars in downtime and unnecessary replacement costs.

No longer is it necessary to cut into tanks, pipes and other equipment to evaluate their strength and condition – further weakening structural integrity – or to shut down operations and enter confined spaces only to perform highly subjective visual inspections.

Our comprehensive reporting documents asset changes over time for proactive service-life forecasting that supports a robust Asset Management System and Process Safety Management Planning.

NEW! Introducing QCAnalytix™

UTComp is proud to introduce QCAnalytix™, the world’s first fully automated in-line quality control inspection solution for composites fabrication and manufacturing.

You get the right information at the right time to make the right evidence-based decisions - backed by our deep FRP and composites subject matter expertise.


UltraAnalytix 4 step process graphic
UltraAnalytix inspection 4-step process for non-destructive testing.

Are you spending millions decades too soon?

UltraAnalytix NDT inspection delivers an average 10x return on investment, ensuring you get the most value from your FRP composite assets without sacrificing safety.

Two recent case studies at pulp and paper mills show how asset relining was safely postponed after evaluation with UTComp’s UltraAnalytix system.

Your NDT solution for data-driven composite asset management is here.

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