UTComp works with industry leaders in food processing, mineral processing, chemical processing, oil and gas, and other applications across North & South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

As FRP subject matter experts, we provide a complete range of cost-effective solutions: from innovative design, repair and remediation to ongoing NDT inspection for a robust asset integrity management program.

We work with end users and fabricators in the following applications:


Pulp and Paper

Water and Wastewater

Quality Assurance

Food Processing

Oil and Gas

Mineral Processing

Chemical Processing

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Our services include:


Specifications and Design for new FRP construction and updates to existing structures.

Material Selection and Evaluation of fiberglass reinforced materials used in corrosion and structural applications, includes expert failure analysis.

Mechanical Integrity Programs using our non-destructive, patented UltraAnalytix® inspection system to determine the fitness for service of in-service assets made from composite materials such as FRP.


Quality Assurance and Risk Management using our UltraAnalytix® system to inspect new FRP or composite material assets to ensure the equipment or components comply with specifications, are free of manufacturing defects and will meet their intended serviceability.


Quality Control for Composite Manufacturing using our fully automated in-line QCAnalytix™ quality control system to verify during production that each composite asset complies with specifications and is free of manufacturing defects.

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