Industry Education and Training for FRP and Composite Materials

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NDT training + engineering best practices for FRP composite materials

UTComp is a global industry leader in non-destructive testing and engineering of fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) composite equipment. We provide customized training and coaching to share our knowledge, ongoing research and advice about FRP and composite materials design and NDT inspection.

The curriculum for our education and training sessions is developed by Geoff Clarkson, P.Eng., UTComp founder and CTO. Geoff is an engineer and FRP subject matter expert who frequently speaks at conferences about the benefits of composite materials and the advantages of UltraAnalytix®, our non-destructive and non-intrusive FRP evaluation system. See a selection of Geoff’s presentations and articles here.

Training topics include:

  • Introduction to composites and fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) materials
    • Raw materials and methods of construction
    • Differences between composites and metals
    • Construction of composite equipment
    • Standards and codes
      • New construction
      • In-service
    • QA/QC during installation and repair
  • Failure modes and damage mechanisms
  • External (NDT) and internal inspections
  • UltraAnalytix inspection and other ways to evaluate composites
    • Purposes
    • Applications and limitations
  • Fitness for Service
  • Repair Techniques and Alterations

All training sessions are provided virtually.

UTComp founder
Geoff Clarkson

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