Innovative Non-destructive Ultrasonic Testing and Analysis for FRP Piping

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It’s an exciting time to be in our industry. 

Advances in fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composite materials continue to generate new applications and new opportunities for the people who work with them.

Still, barriers and challenges remain — including the lack of consensus codes for Fitness For Service (FFS) assessments of in-service FRP assets. 

Fortunately, the gap in standards is closing due to the work of experts on many fronts, including last year’s publication of Welding Research Council (WRC) Bulletin 601.

We can expect more progress on standards in the near future. 

Meanwhile, you can get the answers you need for accurate, proactive FRP maintenance and replacement planning in our new guidebook for reliability engineers and FRP asset owners. 

“Fitness For Service of FRP Composite Assets” is now available for download on the UTComp website. This free e-book covers:

  • FRP background and key concepts
  • Damage mechanisms in FRP
  • An overview of UltraAnalytix, our validated UAX method
  • UltraAnalytix NDT applications in the field

Download your copy here.

FRP Fitness for Service guidebook cover