UTComp featured in ACMA’s Composites Manufacturing publication

March 5, 2018

Geoff Clarkson, President and CEO of UTComp, is featured in an article about the “new possibilities” and potential applications for FRP and other composite materials in Composites Manufacturing, the official publication of the American Composites Manufacturers Association.

In the article, Beyond Pipes and Tanks, Clarkson discusses an engineering solution the company provided to make a basin liner that could withstand the rapid, extreme temperature changes involved in a titanium dioxide extraction process at a mineral processing plant. The article also focused on the advantages of UTComp’s UltraAnalytix® inspection system, noting:

“UTComp uses ultrasonic testing, similar to that used for steel and other metal pipes and tanks but processes the resulting information differently to detect changes within the FRP and account for FRP’s much wider variation in sonic velocity (the speed at which the ultrasonic sound travels) and other responses than steel. The analytics software can calculate the condition of in-use FRP products as a range with approximately 95 percent confidence. Clarkson points out that this technology provides a more objective, data-based approach to service life decisions, which ultimately can save industrial end users downtime and replacement costs.”

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