UTComp announces licensing agreement with Nordic Glasfiber

July 30, 2018

NordicGlasfiber logoUTComp is pleased to announce a licensing agreement with Denmark-based Nordic Glasfiber for the UltraAnalytix® inspection system for glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) composites.

“We are proud to welcome Nordic Glasfiber to our worldwide team of licensees providing safe, fast and reliable UltraAnalytix® evaluation of composite industrial assets,” said Jo Anne Watton, CEO of UTComp. “UltraAnalytix® is the only proven non-destructive, non-intrusive inspection method for composite materials, now serving a wide range of industries all around the globe.”

Henrik Kjaerholm, Principal of Nordic Glasfiber, said the data-driven UltraAnalytix® evaluation method sets a new standard for composite reliability and proactive service-life forecasting while reducing operating downtime and confined space entry.

He recommends clients schedule regular inspections to build up a full dossier for all composite industrial equipment for a robust asset management system and life-cycle planning.

UltraAnalytix® allows for a detailed assessment of the GRP laminate properties throughout the wall of the asset, including the condition of the corrosion barrier, and will also identify any leakage into the laminate through a thermoplastic inner shell. Key advantages include:

  • Non intrusive, allowing inspection to be performed while plant and equipment is operating (no draining down of tanks & disposal of contents) for significant cost saving over traditional internal inspection methods.
  • Safer – no confined space entry required.
  • All inspection data is collected from the external shell of the tank, vessel or pipe.
  • Non destructive, preserving structural integrity.
  • Objective evidence-based analysis can detect structural changes well before they can be seen.
  • Comprehensive reports document changes over time for accurate service-life forecasting.

About UTComp

UTComp is a global leader in composite testing and engineering for major companies around the world in chemical processing, mineral processing, oil and gas, food processing, and other industries. UTComp’s UltraAnalytix® inspection system ensures the safe performance and maximum lifespan of composite assets, saving clients millions of dollars in replacement costs. www.utcomp.com

About Nordic Glasfiber

Nordic Glasfiber is a Danish-based composite inspection company with more than 18 years of experience within design, engineering and manufacturing of GRP tanks, silos and flue gas systems in the fields of chemical, food, sewage and energy processing. Through inspection and maintenance Nordic Glasfiber serves facility owners in optimizing the performance of their composite assets.


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