UltraAnalytix NDT system featured in World Pipelines magazine

December 1, 2023

UTComp is featured in the November 2023 issue of World Pipelines magazine.

In the article titled “Before It’s Too Late,“ UTComp founder and CTO Geoff Clarkson discusses the value of UltraAnalytix® NDT for assessing corrosion barrier condition of in-service piping systems made from fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) composites.

“Providing a safe, reliable and cost-effective method to assess fitness for service of FRP composite piping is critical, especially in the chemical processing and petroleum sectors where FRP piping is widely used to transport hazardous materials, and protecting people and the environment from accidental leaks or spills is a top priority,” Clarkson says.

The UltraAnalytix system provides quantitative data about the condition of FRP assets by detecting and analyzing changes that take place in the polymer over time. These changes can be used as inform repair and replacement planning — essential for managing the impacts of corrosion on industrial equipment, which NACE International has estimated to cost the global economy US$2.5 trillion per year.

“Regular inspections using the UltraAnalytix system have become a key component of corrosion control and fitness for service assessment strategies of FRP asset owners around the world in a variety of sectors,” Clarkson says.

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