Press Release: UTComp’s UltraAnalytix® composite inspection system successfully evaluates corrosion barrier integrity for FRP and dual laminates

June 10, 2020
Taking an ultrasonic reading to evaluate the corrosion barrier surface from an FRP storage tank that had been in contact with hydrochloric acid for 17 years

Taking an ultrasonic reading to evaluate the corrosion barrier surface from an FRP storage tank that had been in contact with hydrochloric acid for 17 years. (photo UTComp)

UTComp’s non-destructive, non-intrusive corrosion barrier evaluation process increases worker safety and extends the service-life of industrial infrastructure

Cambridge, Ont., Canada, June 10, 2020 – UTComp Inc., a global leader in composite asset integrity and performance, has developed a new, non-destructive method to evaluate corrosion barrier damage in Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) and dual laminate tanks, pipes and other equipment at chemical plants, refineries and other facilities worldwide.

A study by Geoff Clarkson, UTComp’s Chief Technical Officer, demonstrates that the company’s patented UltraAnalytix® inspection system can quickly and safely determine corrosion barrier thickness and condition to reliably predict the lifespan of FRP and dual laminate assets while they’re in service.

The study was published in Inspectioneering Journal in an article titled FRP Corrosion Barrier Inspection: Non-Destructive and Non-Intrusive Technique (Volume 26, Issue 2 | March/April 2020).

UTComp has also filed a provisional patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the corrosion barrier evaluation process, titled System and Method for Evaluation of a Material System.

“Corrosion is the biggest cause of equipment breakdown at industrial process facilities where harsh substances, chemicals and gases as well as high temperatures and pressures create challenging conditions for FRP storage vessels, pipelines, structures and supports,” Clarkson said. “In the past, assessing the condition of the corrosion barrier has almost always required an outage and confined space entry to perform subjective visual inspection, or costly destructive testing.”

UltraAnalytix® analyzes ultrasonic data collected in the field using a proprietary algorithm for the non-destructive evaluation of composite assets. Unlike destructive testing, UltraAnalytix® results parallel the ASTM C581 standard for measuring — in an unstressed state — the chemical resistance of thermosetting resins used in FRP laminates.

“Results show that UltraAnalytix® provides customers with a scientifically valid alternative to destructive testing that also minimizes the need for dangerous confined-space entry, improving the safety and performance of their equipment and potentially saving millions of dollars in replacement costs,” Clarkson said.

It’s the latest achievement for the UTComp technical team led by Clarkson, who received the prestigious Ernest C. Manning Innovation Awards’ David E. Mitchell Award of Distinction in 2019 for his achievements.

In 2019 UTComp also introduced QCAnalytix™, the first fully automated in-line inspection solution for composite fabrication and manufacturing. QCAnalytix™ extends the capabilities of UltraAnalytix® to provide revolutionary quality control all along the value chain.


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