Geoff Clarkson presents at the 2019 API Summit

January 31, 2019

 Geoff Clarkson,  CTO, presented his talk on Aligning Fitness for Service of Fiber Reinforced Polymers

“For fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) assets, Fitness for Service has historically been determined from only the condition of the inner surface, known as the corrosion barrier. These assessments do not incorporate any established standards. Structural condition is not usually considered and remaining service life is not determined. For equipment where the original design details are unknown, most codes used in North America are not equipped to to provide up to date Recognized And Generally Accepted Good Engineering Practice (RAGAGEP) assessment. This presentation will review experience with FRP assets and how Fitness for Service can be assessed using a novel ultrasonic technique. This will lead to discussion and recommendations for up to date Condition Monitoring and Fitness for Service assessment of FRP assets.”

2019 API Inspection and Mechanical Integrity Summit, Galveston Convention Center, Texas

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