Another U.S. patent granted to Cambridge based Engineering firm

May 16, 2019

UTComp continues to contribute towards the advancement of composite material inspection and engineering with their latest patent. The U.S. Patent 10,295,506, titled “ULTRASOUND TRANSDUCER WITH REDUCED APERTURE DELAY LINE”, will be issued on May 21, 2019. Chief Technical Officer Geoff Clarkson P.Eng., developed the RAD Line to be used on FRP with radius of curvature less than 300mm (600mm or 24 inches diameter). Pipes and other smaller radius FRP assets will now benefit from accurate data on their structural integrity and estimated remaining service life.

About UTComp

Founded in 2008, UTComp Inc. is dedicated to improving the performance and safety of equipment made of fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) and other composite materials. They provide a full spectrum of engineering and inspection services for composite fabrication and management excellence, including the patented UltraAnalytix® inspection system for non-destructive and non-intrusive evaluation and service life forecasting of FRP and composite tanks, pipes and other industrial assets.