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Fitness For Service of FRP Composite Assets

Are you looking for answers to questions about FRP asset reliability, maintenance and replacement planning?

UTComp’s new guidebook “Fitness For Service of FRP Composite Assets” distills 20+ years of FRP subject matter expertise from founder Geoff Clarkson for a proactive, data-driven approach.

“The concise, reader-friendly guidebook is based upon UTComp founder and CTO Geoff Clarkson’s 20+ years of development, validation and application of a quantitative method to nondestructively assess in-service FRP.”

Here’s what’s inside

The 28-page guidebook provides a detailed, technical overview of:

  1. FRP Background and Key Concepts
  2. Damage Mechanisms in FRP
  3. Non-destructive Evaluation Methods
  4. NDT Applications in the Field
  5. And more!

“Providing a safe, reliable and cost-effective method to assess fitness for service of FRP composite assets is critical, especially in the chemical processing and petroleum sectors where FRP piping is widely used to transport hazardous materials. Avoiding accidental leaks or spills is a top priority.”

— Geoff Clarkson, P.Eng., UTComp founder and Chief Technical Officer

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About UTComp

UTComp is a global leader in FRP composites reliability. We deliver FRP composites engineering and NDT inspection services worldwide with proven UltraAnalytix® NDT technology for evidence-based Fitness-For-Service assessment and remaining service life forecasting.

FRP tank inspection using UTComp UltraAnalytix ndt