Corporate Values

UTComp Corporate Values

Just like an individual, UTComp has values that reflect who we are as a company; guiding our behaviour with each other, our customers, vendors, and the rest of the world.  These values help us set priorities in our work and the choices we make as corporate citizens.  These values apply to all departments in the company, including management. This list was compiled with participation of everyone in the company.

Quality and Commitment to the Customer

UTComp would not exist without our customers.  It is their belief in our ability to complete work and our skills at providing excellence that enables us to come to work every day.  We are committed to this excellence.  We value doing the best work as individuals and make the company the best that it can be.


UTComp values respect in our relationships with others (vendors, suppliers, customers, and competition) and ourselves.  Respect must be both given and received.

Integrity and Honesty

UTComp believes that we make a statement that it is correct, honest, and that we can support these statements. This is in all of our communication – internal and external.  This includes being punctual.

Health and Safety

UTComp prioritizes the health and safety of our staff.   This extends to our office, the work in the field and at home.  We take this seriously by ensuring our employees have all the appropriate PPE, ergonomic work-spaces, available sick days, etc.

Teamwork and Community

UTComp believes in a workplace that has a friendly atmosphere, where each person is respected and is an active participant in the work that is assigned.  Everyone is working together for the common goal of supporting each other and delivering quality work to our customers. We respect each other and observe appropriate boundaries between work and home time.

Innovation and Learning

We are innovators and learners. UTComp values innovation and the use of creativity and critical thinking to solve problems. Many of our projects are done for the first time;  therefore, we must always base our development in science, continuous learning, research and sharing.


UTComp believes that a company with many perspectives will be a stronger and richer company. Our hiring practices reflect our commitment to attract people from diverse backgrounds who will strengthen our corporate culture.

Growth of Mind and Tenacity

UTComp has the heart of a small company while growing into something bigger. We value the future opportunities that will come for the company, our employees, and the world at large. We believe it is important to fall down, get back up, learn and move forward.

Accountability/ Responsibility

UTComp believes that we are accountable and responsible in many ways: to each other for the work we do, to our customers, to our vendors and suppliers, and as corporate citizens to the world at large.  Every transaction and interaction has the requirement to be responsible for what is said and done as well as accountable to all parties who are involved.

Passion and Humour

UTComp is passionate about the engineering, inspection and innovative work we do.  We value the passion in the mental and physical work we do.  Most of all, we value having fun and enjoying the work and the people we work alongside.