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July 23, 2020

Can’t deny it. Things are different now with the “new norm”. And we understand that businesses still need to operate. That is why we are here.

The real beauty of UltraAnalytix® is very apparent in this time of COVID. With our dedicated licensees positioned around the globe and our ability to distantly train other individuals, our customers can:

  • Get their equipment inspected with local UltraAnalytix® trained providers during this crucial time
  • Get online/remote training for their own onsite technician or local contractor
  • Rely on a globally recognize FRP Subject Matter Expert, without them coming to site
  • Have third party independent verification, as we will do the analysis
  • Still improve reliability of their composite equipment.
  • Still maintain all the great benefits of an UltraAnalytix® evaluation.

UltraAnalytix® enables companies to reduce travel expenses and extra ‘outside’ personnel coming to site during these restrictive times.  Businesses do not have to wait for a shutdown. UltraAnalytix® data can be collected from the external surface of the equipment, even while they are in operation. This also drastically reduces the need for confined space entry. Safety first!

UltraAnalytix® is the only proven non-destructive, non-intrusive evaluation method for safe, fast and reliable testing of FRP and other composite material assets. There is never a need to cut test samples out of the asset. This allows the structural integrity of the asset to remain intact.

We are here to help give you some peace of mind during this uncertain time.

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