3 priorities for better composite asset management in 2021

January 13, 2021

At UTComp, we welcome 2021 with optimism, while recognizing that there is a long road ahead before work and life return to some kind of normal state. For the foreseeable future, travel will be difficult and sometimes impossible, as will how we connect with each other in the workplace and socially.

In light of industry advances and the current realities imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, Geoff Clarkson, UTComp’s founder and Chief Technology Officer, recommends three key priorities for effective composite asset management to improve reliability and safety, and keep operations running smoothly:

  1. Minimize confined space entry
  2. Minimize the risk to employees from bringing new personnel on site
  3. Develop reliable assessment systems that allow Subject Matter Experts to provide expertise and robust solutions remotely

Prior to the pandemic, UTComp had begun developing the technology, systems and processes for composite asset evaluation using remote techniques. We have continued this work to ensure the reliability of composite assets in the following ways:

  • UTComp licensees and data collection representatives are available to meet composite inspection needs in locations around the world, sending the data they collect to UTComp for UltraAnalytixⓇ assessment and reporting.
  • We also work with plant management and staff to build in-house capacity to evaluate and monitor composite assets for reliability using expert visual inspection and UltraAnalytix inspection techniques. This process includes a systematic review of your current practices, challenges and needs, followed by our recommendations to develop a robust inspection plan and resources for ongoing support while minimizing the need for additional personnel on site.
  • We are also available to develop online learning and customer-specific external inspection manuals.

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